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Liubov Yablon


Yablon Lyubov S. – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

She was born February 27, 1966 in the v. Delyatyn Nadvirna district, Ivano-Frankivsk region. She graduated Ivano-Frankivsk State Pedagogical Institute with the qualification of a teacher of physics and mathematics in 1991. She received Ph.D. of physical and mathematical sciences, specialty 01.04.18 - physics and chemistry of the surface in 2006. She was awarded the title of associate professor in 2012. She defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences in the specialty 01.04.18 - Physics and Chemistry of the Surface in 2017. Currently working as a professor at the Department of Theoretical and Experimental Physics.

Research interests: physical structure and electrochemical properties doublet-matrix structures.